Complete Editing and Expert Proofreading Services

My complete editing services include:

• Bringing your paper to life in English

• Using the appropriate inhouse style of your target journal

• Ensuring consistency and smoothing out your narrative flow

• Restructuring grammar and improving terminology where appropriate

• Removing all errors

My expert proofreading service covers checking for minor typos. In a rush? I also offer a quick turnaround/emergency service.

Please note:

I will not do any rewriting at all as part of a proofreading job. And I would only recommend my proofreading service if you have a strong and instinctive grasp of English yourself.

What my clients say

Jason is a fluent and highly plausible writer, who intuitively understands the flow of a narrative and the structure of a piece, keeping his reader engaged, and often amused or intrigued, to the very end.
Andrew Morris
Owner of Morris Traduction and founder of the popular Facebook page Standing Out

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